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Stratos Connected Card Platform Acquired by CardLab Innovations

January 14, 2017

Dear Stratos Community,

After a long hiatus, we are pleased to announce that Stratos’ Connected Card Platform was recently purchased by CardLab Innovation, ApS.

CardLab, a Danish company, is a leading global provider of advanced card technologies to banks and financial institutions. Stratos worked closely with CardLab between 2012 and 2015 to develop and mass manufacture Stratos Card. CardLab has a right mix of experience, vision and leadership to carry forward Stratos’ mission to empower cardholders and streamline payments.

For additional information about the impact of this change on Stratos members, please check out the FAQ posted below. We greatly appreciate the support of our members over the years.


The Stratos Team


Will the Stratos Member Program be continued? For now, CardLab will not be issuing new memberships nor shipping new cards. CardLab will maintain the services Stratos provided, with the exception of warranties, customer support and issuance of new cards. Over the coming months, CardLab will explore feasibility of reviving the member program. Stay tuned at for updates.

What about Ciright One? Facing financial challenges in late 2015, Stratos arranged to transfer its member program, including order fulfilment, to Ciright One. Ciright supported the program for several months in early 2016, but ultimately failed to fulfill its responsibilities as program administrator. Ciright One is no longer managing Stratos’ member program.

I never received my card.  Can I receive a refund? While Stratos succesfully fulfilled thousands of customer orders, CardLab regrets that a group of customers did not receive a card following transfer of administrative responsibilities to Ciright One. CardLab will not be providing refunds on behalf of Stratos at this time but CardLab will continue to explore alternative avenues to accommodate members who did not receive a card.

Who can I contact for additional information? If you would like to know more about CardLab Innovation, please visit our webpage where we have a mail service and will try to answer as many questions as possible. Further information will also be posted on when available.